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Alaska Car, Truck, Van & Suv Rental

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How old must you be to rent a vehicle?

To rent and/or drive a vehicle rental, an individual must be 25 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license from their state of residence, and have proof of auto insurance to be covered under ABC’s company policy.

Do you deliver your cars, trucks, or vans to your customer’s preferred location?

We do offer delivery for an additional fee. Each scenario is handled differently, but the basic premise is that we consider the distance we are being requested to deliver to and the length of time that a consumer is renting with us. Contact us with your specific delivery needs. We have summer locations to be announced!

What are your typical drop-off locations and fees?

We currently have four locations and fees, which are as follows:

  • Fairbanks – $1,200.00 plus rental
  • Whittier – $450.00 plus rental
  • Seward – $650.00 plus rental

*Estimates only – subject to change.

What if I return my rental later than expected?

Rentals are based on a 24-hour basis. You are allotted a 1 hour grace period. After that hour, you will be charged and additional day.

What is your cancellation policy?

See our policies page.

What if I arrive after you are closed?

You can taxi from the airport to our location, which runs about $7.00. As long we have a copy of your driver’s license, insurance card, a signed contract and you are paid in full you can pick your vehicle up. We will provide the details, prior to your arrival.

For a better idea of how to best plan your vacation with one of our RVs or auto rentals, please see the mileage chart below. If you require further guidance in arranging an Alaskan tour or scheduling your daily activities, review our FAQs and policies or contact us at 800-421-7456 today. Although we don’t schedule your tours and activities, we will help you locate a company who will.

From: To: Distance:
Anchorage Kenai 147 miles / 237 km
Anchorage Seward 126 miles / 203 km
Anchorage Talkeetna 113 miles / 182 km
Anchorage Homer 226 miles / 364 km
Anchorage Palmer 45 miles / 72 km
Anchorage Wasilla 45 miles / 72 km
Anchorage Denali National Park 236 miles / 380 km
Anchorage Fairbanks 358 miles / 576 km
Fairbanks Denali National Park 122 miles / 200 km
Fairbanks Valdez 364 miles / 586 km
Fairbanks Tok 205 miles / 330 km
Haines Tok 447 miles / 719 km
Haines Anchorage 775 miles / 1247 km
Homer Kenai / Soldotna 91 miles / 147 km
Homer Seward 180 miles / 290 km
Tok Anchorage 328 miles / 528 km
Whitehorse Skagway 108 miles / 174 km
Whitehorse Tok 396 miles / 637 km
Seattle Anchorage 2436 miles / 3921 km

Our rental policies are provided by ABC Motorhome & Car Rentals to assist you in planning your travels. If you have any questions not answered in this section, refer to our FAQs or mileage chart for more information. We can also be contacted at 800-421-7456.


Terms of Rental

The Renter agrees to all terms of this Agreement.

Required Insurance Information:  Customer agrees to maintain automobile insurance during the turn of this rental agreement, providing the owner, the renter, and any other person using or operating the rental vehicle with the following primary coverage:

  1. Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage;
  2. Personal injury protection, no-fault, or similar coverage where required;
  3. Uninsured/underinsured coverage where required, and
  4. Comprehensive and collision damage coverage extending to the rental vehicle.

Customer insurance will provide at least the minimum limits of coverage required by the financial responsibility laws of the state where the loss occurs. Because the customer is providing automobile insurance, we are not. In states where the law requires us to provide insurance we will provide excess insurance only, up to the minimum limits required by the financial responsibility laws. The customer’s insurance will be primary. Any insurance we are required to provide applies to claims of bodily injury and property damage only and is secondary to any other valid and collectable insurance whether it is primary, secondary, excess, or contingent. Our policy contains exclusions, conditions, and limitations applicable to anyone claiming coverage. Customer agrees to cooperate with our insurer if any claim is made. Our insurance applies only in the United States, and Canada. Customer must obtain written permission, and purchase special liability insurance to use or operate the rental vehicle in Mexico. Where permitted by law, customer rejects uninsured, underinsured, supplemental, personal injury protection, and no-fault coverage. Where we are required to provide such coverage, renter is afforded the minimum limits required by law. Any breach of this agreement will void any insurance coverage.

Prohibited Uses of Vehicles:

Vehicles will not be used or operated by anyone:

  1. Who is under 25 years of age.
  2. Who is not listed as an additional driver on the reverse side of this rental agreement to drive.
  3. To carry persons for hire.
  4. In any race, test or similar type contest.
  5. In a careless or negligent manner, drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  6. For any illegal purpose or commission of a crime.
  7. If vehicle is obtained from Renter by fraud or misrepresentation.
  8. Who loads vehicle beyond its rated capacity.
  9. Who allows more passengers than the vehicle has seat belts for or is designed to carry.
  10. To take vehicle to MEXICO.


Fines and Fees:  1) Gas not filled all the way - $100 plus the cost of the fuel.  2) Parking violations and / traffic tickets - $100 fine plus the cost of the ticket.  3) Smoke smell, fish smell, pet odor/hair - $500 each offense. 4) Excessive dirtiness - $150 fine. 5) Late return - $25 per hour or $250 after 2 hours. 6) Windshield chip or crack - $500 replacement

Gravel roads:  Lessee agrees that travel on gravel roads is forbidden.  If lessee travels on a gravel road, Lessee understands that the insurance on the vehicle will not cover damage due to road conditions.  Any expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of Lessee. This includes, but is not limited to broken windshields; tire failure; excessive tire wear; undercarriage damage due to poor road conditions.  Lessee will also be responsible for towing if mechanical or other failure occurs on gravel roads

Partial Payment:  If you have paid a partial payment of $118 for your reservation, your final payment will be charged to the card on file 30 days prior to your arrival, unless it’s a promotional offer. We will call the number we have on file as a courtesy to remind you that the balance will be charged to the card as originally agreed.

Cancellation policy:  If cancelled up to 30 days prior to rental date – full refund given.   If cancelled less than 30 days prior of rental date – $118 held on a letter of credit, all else refunded.  Letters of credit are good for one year.

Availability:  If, for reasons beyond our control, reserved vehicles are not available, ABC Motorhomes reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of equal value at no additional cost or refund all payments without further liability.

There will be no refunds for early returns or late pickups:  We have set aside the block of time that you requested exclusively for you.

Maintenance issues and breakdowns:  Pre-approval from our office is required before making any off-site repairs. 
Flat tires are your responsibility. 

ABC will not and cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings left in the vehicle. 

The links below can be used as resources for planning your Alaska tour with an RV or vehicle. Take the time to explore each link; you’ll find plenty of information to plan your entire vacation! If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQs and rental policy pages, or call us at 800-421-7456 for a more thorough response.

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